04 April 2014

Sesotho film wins award

Carlos Carvalho, director of photography for The Forgotten Kingdom, the first feature film produced in Lesotho, has won the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography at the 14th annual Woodstock Film Festival Maverick Awards Gala held in New York. The annual gala celebrates exceptional independent film.

Sesotho film wins award
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06 March 2014

Retired Sotho writer continues to inspire

Although he had announced his retirement from writing last year putting sad faces on those who love his work, the renowned Sotho author Kgotso Pieter David Maphalla, 59, seems to be struggling to distance himself from his passion for writing.

Maphalla, who has more than 45 books published and is well known for his novel entitled, Kabelwamanong, which he does not see as his personal favourite among his collections, has yet again added another one to his collections.

Titled Sesotho se teng – Sesotho language still exists, the book is one of his many used as setwork literature in high schools. Others are Nnakemang? – a novel, ThouTseo – a novel, Makgaolakgang – poetry, Tahleho – drama and Kgorula – poetry.

Retired Sotho writer continues to inspire

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01 March 2014

Interview with Sotho Sounds

While Fred is back in the U.S. of A, he’s spiritually still in Lesotho, so he shares a few more sounds, memories, and a killer interview he got with a local band while in the “Magic Mountain Kingdom.”

The band Sotho Sounds consists of local herdsboys who grew up tending cattle, sheep, and goats, and keeping themselves entertained with an indigenous instrument (the Basotho Violin). These days, the Basotho Violin is made out of an oil can and strung with fishing wire, and if you combine it with a 50-gallon oil can turned drum, you can truly jam!

We talk to the musicians, play some tunes, then spend the second half of the show enjoying FinalRune Productions’s 2010 treatise on humanity’s treatment of nature, The Troll of Stony Brook.

Interview with Sotho Sounds, Malealea, Lesotho Homemade Instruments

28 February 2014

27 February 2013

Prince Harry returns to Lesotho for charity projects

Prince Harry's charity Sentebale, ­which means "forget me not", works with local communities at grassroots level.

The prince will carry out a day of public engagements including a gala dinner for his charity, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He set up the Sentebale charity to support orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho.

Read more: Prince Harry returns to Lesotho for charity projects

19 February 2013

Ramphele launches a party political platform

"Mamphela Ramphele, activist, author and doctor, today launched a party political platform, ending weeks of speculation. She named the party Agang in Sesotho which means “Build”.

She says the party will focus on rekindling hope to SA."

Read more: Ramphele launches a party political platform

 [Ed's note: In Lesotho Sesotho and southern Sotho in South Africa, this would be "Ahang", instead of "Agang." The verb is "ho aha" (to build), the imperative is "aha" (singular) and "ahang" (plural). Thank you Seipati, for correcting me.]

18 February 2013

A suggestion

I suggest that in Sesotho when people resemble each other too much, I suggest we say: "Ba tšoana joalo ka libono!"

Link: A suggestion

22 January 2013

Quick facts about Gauteng Province

"Gauteng (Sesotho for "place of gold") is South Africa's smallest province (17 000 square kilometres), but also the wealthiest and most densely populated. It includes most of the towns strung east to west along the gold reef, from Springs in the far East Rand to Randfontein in the west. It runs down to the Vaal River in the South, and just beyond South Africa's capital, Pretoria, in the north."

Ed: In Lesotho we write it "Khauteng," but with the same pronunciation.

Read more: Quick facts about Gauteng Province

14 February 2012

Ketla phela

"The joint venture will be named 'Ketlaphela', which is a Sesotho word meaning 'I will live or survive'."

Source: Confusion over SA, Swiss drugs deal

17 January 2012

Lengau (sing.), Mangau (pl.)

Last Sunday the central South African city of Mangaung, known as Bloemfontein in Afrikaans, came to life as current and future heads of states, distinguished guests and thousands of ordinary people converged in its conference halls and streets to celebrate the hundredth birthday of the oldest political party in the continent, the African National Congress (ANC).

The city, whose name means "a place of cheetahs" in Sesotho, reverberated with dance, feasting and speeches as presidents and other dignitaries praised the party of Nelson Mandela. Apart from the numerous milestones that mark the ANC's journey of a hundred years, the gathering also provided an opportunity to take a hard look at the party.

From: The Party Is Not Over for Africa's Grand Party But...

28 December 2011

Group mourn their leader

'God himself is talking ..." or, "Modimo o a bua" in Sesotho'
From [Group mourn their leader]

Ed: Remember that in Lesotho it is "Molimo" but is still pronounced /mo-DI-mo/, as all 'li's in Lesotho are pronounced /di/, like:
Lelimo /le-DI-mo/ (cannibal)
Seliba /se-di-ba/ (water spring, or well)
Molilietsane /mo-DI-DI-ay-TSA-ne/ (ululation)
Litaba /di-ta-ba/ (news)
Lehalima /le-ha-di-MA/ (lightning)

30 September 2011

Lehalima means "lightning" in Sesotho

Lehalima, which means "lighting" in Sesotho, was initially designed for prepaid electricity, but has now evolved to service other utilities and services for many homes and businesses. Clients buy their electricity services from designated selling points or through a free cellphone application, which is linked to Home Grown's data centre at SmartXchange in Durban.

Source: Lehalima means "lightning" in Sesotho

20 August 2011

High Tea African Women in Business Event

Lamunu means "orange" in Sesotho, a theme that is carried throughout this deliciously sweet and flavourful hotel and it offers simplified comfort in a stylishly fun environment, all decked out in a retro colour-palette and bold oranges set strikingly against blacks and browns and quirky details. The 60 ensuite rooms at the hotel offer snug modernity, while Lamunu’s restaurant, La Menu serves quick, fresh and flavourful food and also offers access to the gym to its guests.

Source: AfricaBe.Com Hosts its 1st High Tea African Women in Business Event

23 July 2011

BBC News - Remote Lesotho's biker nurses

Mothers used to have to walk three hours to get their children vaccinated in rural Lesotho.

Now nurse Thabiso Phoka reaches them by motorbike but he still has to leave his bike at the top of the mountain and walk down the very steep hill into the village.

[See the video: BBC News - Remote Lesotho's biker nurses]

22 July 2011

Sesotho drama kept alive

RENOWNED author, actor and playwright Khotso Nkhatho, 57, who played in the well-known television series Mopheme in the 80s, is still keeping millions of South Africans tuned in to their radios with his epic Sesotho dramas.

Born in Mamahabane township, in Ventersburg, Nkhatho discovered his passion for drama at an early age.

"I used to act in school plays at primary school, and immediately fell in love with it," Nkhatho said during an interview with the Free State Times.

At present the drama executive producer for Lesedi FM in Bloemfontein, Nkhatho studied education at Tshiya Teachers College in 1974.

"I taught for a year in 1976 but I could not suppress my desire to pursue the arts," he said. Nkhatho moved to Johannesburg and joined the SABC as a newsreader and drama producer.

[Source: Sesotho drama kept alive]

20 July 2011

Tšukulu (or tshukudu) means rhino, in Sesotho

Where cheetahs prosper - Times LIVE

"The Times Explorer team spent one night at Tshukudu - which means "rhino" in Sesotho - during our whirlwind tour through the breathtaking provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo."
In Lesotho the word is pronounced the same, but written with an "s-caron" instead, and an 'l' instead of a 'd': tšukulu. Remembering that in Lesotho, 'lu' is pronounced 'doo' and 'li' is pronounced 'dee'

Ideas with wings, or taximan pie in the sky? (and the word "hlokomela")

"One of the first projects under the TR3 20202 strategy is Operation Hlokomela, the Sesotho word for caution.

Among the initiatives under Operation Hlokomela are taxi inspections before leaving the rank and the evaluation of drivers’ physical condition.

The initiative seeks to entrench the values of the Arrive Alive campaign that encourages safe driving practices."
Source: Ideas with wings, or taximan pie in the sky?

Rethabile says: Actually, 'Hlokomela' is a verb, "to be cautious, to be careful, to watch out", or the imperative "watch out!" or "be careful!" It is not a noun. The noun is Tlhokomelo

25 March 2011

Zoo's baby giraffe is named

Zoo's baby giraffe is named | News Update

THE baby giraffe born at Johannesburg Zoo at the beginning of the year, has been named Thato.

Meaning "will" in Sesotho [Rethabile says, as in "thy will be done"], the name was chosen through a competition in which the public could suggest names for the new born.

The winning name came from Sheila Osman and her five-year-old grandson Nabeel, who are regular visitors at the zoo. They chose it because of its special significance to the boy and his family – Nabeel's late grandfather use to call him Thato.

"They will both receive complimentary annual passes for their contribution," says Candice Segal, the zoo's acting brand and communications manager.

Thato was born on 11 January to mother Gia and father Jerry, bringing the zoo's giraffe population to five. That family is expected to grow still further.

"Joburg Zoo is expecting another addition to the giraffe herd later this year and is currently caring for many other animal babies born recently," Segal explains.

17 November 2010

Lesotho King to lead peace march - People's Daily Online

Lesotho's King Letsie III and Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili will on Friday lead the nation in a peace march in the capital Maseru, marking the African Union's declaration of 2010 as a year of peace, stability and security.

05 October 2010

The lion won't sleep tonight

"We name our children after them: Tau (lion) is a common forename, and surname, in Sesotho.

There are many people whose surname pays tribute to the mighty elephant: Tlou (Sesotho), Olifant (Afrikaans) and Ndlovu (Zulu). "

In effect, southern Africans place names of animals on children a lot. Here are some common Sesotho names:
Nkoe, Tiger
Tau, Lion
Phiri, Hyena
Ntsu, Eagle
Nku, Sheep
Linku, Sheep (pl.)
Sebata, Feline
Tlou, Elephant

For a fuller experience of Sesotho names, check out Sesotho.web.za

18 July 2010

'Rude' word for whites sparks feud - Times LIVE

'Rude' word for whites sparks feud - Times LIVE

The word in question is "Lekhooa" (Lesotho) or "Lekgowa" (South Africa). It is a Sesotho word that means white person, or Caucasian. It is not offensive in itself but can be, depending on the manner it is delivered in. But this is true of many words.

The word "Senoamali" (Lesotho) or "Senwamadi" (South Africa), on the other hand, is rude. It refers to Caucasians and means, literally, "blood-sucker."

To be avoided.

07 June 2010

Morena is Sesotho for "king"

Cape Argus: Come on, let's belt out the anthem

Do you know the words of the national anthem?

Not just the tune, but can you confidently belt it out beyond the first two verses, not stumbling on the Sesotho line "Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso" and fading at the "O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho", before picking up robustly on "Uit die blou van onse hemel".

06 June 2010

Matekoane is Sesotho for "dagga"

Lesotho's people plead with South Africa to annex their troubled country | World news | The Observer

In 1980, Lesotho produced 80% of the cereals it consumed. Now it imports 70%. The only real cash crop is marijuana, grown between rows of maize and smuggled to South Africa on donkeys. Drug cultivation is such a lifeline that the children clothed and fed with its proceeds have a name: bana bamatekoane (children of marijuana).
Bana is children, and the ba being a possessive preposition, of in this case.
Bana ba Lesotho, The Children of Lesotho
Bana ba ka, My Children

04 June 2010

Mangaung: Lengau means leopard/cheetah in Sesotho

Stadium guide: Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein - Sports - Football - ibnlive

Bloemfontein is situated in the municipality of Mangaung, which means 'Place of the Cheetahs' in the seSotho language and this is where you will find the Free State Stadium, home to the country's most fanatical group of supporters.

Ed: Lengau (singular), Mangau (plural)

31 May 2010

Phoka is Sesotho for dew

Postcard from Phokeng

"Phokeng, town of the Bafokeng, or "People of the Dew." The tribe dates from A.D. 1140, and for centuries they wandered the dry plains of southern Africa as nomads."

11 May 2008

"On Sesotho" has moved...

...to http://basotho.wordpress.com (Sotho)

Please tweak your blog roll appropriately.

11 April 2008

Molora (ash)

"Molora" is the Sesotho word for "ash."

20 September 2006

Boputsoa (blueness)

This is a Powerpoint presentation of the world as seen from the skies. Some of the images are quite stunning. The comments are in Sesotho. Whether you're a learner or not, enjoy it, and pass it on.

05 September 2006

Nonyana (bird)

Like a bird rushing to catch the fattest worm, Lucas Nonyana surged early
and left his opponents eating dust as he pounded the 42,2 km Two Countries
Marathon route from Zimbabwe to South Africa to win the 10th race last Saturday.

As his namesake - Nonyana is a bird in Sesotho - the Liberty Life Athletics
Club athlete rushed forward to lead the other 45 runners as soon as the Musina
Local Municipality's Mayor Caroline Mahasela pulled the trigger at 7.00am to
start the annual race from Beitbridge to Musina. [Source]

Nonyana belongs to noun class number 9, just like thuhlo (giraffe) and kolobe (pig) and many other animals. The plural of nonyana is linonyana in Lesotho and dinonyana in South Africa. Same pronunciation, though: /dee-noh-nyanah/. Two giraffes are lithuhlo (dithuhlo), and two pigs are likolobe (dikolobe).
Here's a Sesotho proverb with the word "nonyana" in it: sehlaha sa nonyana se okamela boliba (bodiba), a bird's nest overlooks an abyss. Can you guess the meaning? Sesotho Web puts it down as a riddle, though.
Other mentions of "nonyana" are: eslweb.net , websters-online-dictionary.org , nonyanariverestate.co.za.

04 September 2006

Neo, Lineo and telephoning

"Neo in Sotho means a gift and this is a token the whole of South Africa will hope to receive as Neotel, the second fixed-telephone line operator, rolls out its services. [Source]"

The first three letters of the company name, Neo, are pronounced approximately /NAY-oh/ and indeed do mean "gift." The plural is lineo in Lesotho and dineo in South Africa, same pronunciation in both countries: /dee-NAY-oh/.

I guess Telkom now has a real rival. Will it bring prices down? What I hope, is for the people of South Africa to receive a real neo. Neo or Lineo is also a forename. The first one can be for girls or boys, whereas the second is mainly for girls, like my daughter. I don't know a boy named Lineo.