01 March 2014

Interview with Sotho Sounds

While Fred is back in the U.S. of A, he’s spiritually still in Lesotho, so he shares a few more sounds, memories, and a killer interview he got with a local band while in the “Magic Mountain Kingdom.”

The band Sotho Sounds consists of local herdsboys who grew up tending cattle, sheep, and goats, and keeping themselves entertained with an indigenous instrument (the Basotho Violin). These days, the Basotho Violin is made out of an oil can and strung with fishing wire, and if you combine it with a 50-gallon oil can turned drum, you can truly jam!

We talk to the musicians, play some tunes, then spend the second half of the show enjoying FinalRune Productions’s 2010 treatise on humanity’s treatment of nature, The Troll of Stony Brook.

Interview with Sotho Sounds, Malealea, Lesotho Homemade Instruments


Bolelang said...

Ke na le mathata ka 'sound clip' ena. Ha e batle ho bapala eohle ho fihlela qetellong. Ebe lebaka ke lefeng?

Rethabile said...

Le 'na ehlile e ea nshatela kajeno. Eer ke bone hore na le ba bang e ea ba hlola.