23 July 2011

BBC News - Remote Lesotho's biker nurses

Mothers used to have to walk three hours to get their children vaccinated in rural Lesotho.

Now nurse Thabiso Phoka reaches them by motorbike but he still has to leave his bike at the top of the mountain and walk down the very steep hill into the village.

[See the video: BBC News - Remote Lesotho's biker nurses]

22 July 2011

Sesotho drama kept alive

RENOWNED author, actor and playwright Khotso Nkhatho, 57, who played in the well-known television series Mopheme in the 80s, is still keeping millions of South Africans tuned in to their radios with his epic Sesotho dramas.

Born in Mamahabane township, in Ventersburg, Nkhatho discovered his passion for drama at an early age.

"I used to act in school plays at primary school, and immediately fell in love with it," Nkhatho said during an interview with the Free State Times.

At present the drama executive producer for Lesedi FM in Bloemfontein, Nkhatho studied education at Tshiya Teachers College in 1974.

"I taught for a year in 1976 but I could not suppress my desire to pursue the arts," he said. Nkhatho moved to Johannesburg and joined the SABC as a newsreader and drama producer.

[Source: Sesotho drama kept alive]

20 July 2011

Tšukulu (or tshukudu) means rhino, in Sesotho

Where cheetahs prosper - Times LIVE

"The Times Explorer team spent one night at Tshukudu - which means "rhino" in Sesotho - during our whirlwind tour through the breathtaking provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo."
In Lesotho the word is pronounced the same, but written with an "s-caron" instead, and an 'l' instead of a 'd': tšukulu. Remembering that in Lesotho, 'lu' is pronounced 'doo' and 'li' is pronounced 'dee'

Ideas with wings, or taximan pie in the sky? (and the word "hlokomela")

"One of the first projects under the TR3 20202 strategy is Operation Hlokomela, the Sesotho word for caution.

Among the initiatives under Operation Hlokomela are taxi inspections before leaving the rank and the evaluation of drivers’ physical condition.

The initiative seeks to entrench the values of the Arrive Alive campaign that encourages safe driving practices."
Source: Ideas with wings, or taximan pie in the sky?

Rethabile says: Actually, 'Hlokomela' is a verb, "to be cautious, to be careful, to watch out", or the imperative "watch out!" or "be careful!" It is not a noun. The noun is Tlhokomelo