04 June 2010

Mangaung: Lengau means leopard/cheetah in Sesotho

Stadium guide: Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein - Sports - Football - ibnlive

Bloemfontein is situated in the municipality of Mangaung, which means 'Place of the Cheetahs' in the seSotho language and this is where you will find the Free State Stadium, home to the country's most fanatical group of supporters.

Ed: Lengau (singular), Mangau (plural)


Nthabi said...

hi, clarification: leopard is nkwe.

Rethabile said...

Where I come from (Quthing and Qoaling), nkoe is a tiger, and lengau is a leopard.

Henry Mthembu said...

Yes, nkoe is a tiger and lengau is a leopard/nkoe