20 September 2006

Boputsoa (blueness)

This is a Powerpoint presentation of the world as seen from the skies. Some of the images are quite stunning. The comments are in Sesotho. Whether you're a learner or not, enjoy it, and pass it on.

05 September 2006

Nonyana (bird)

Like a bird rushing to catch the fattest worm, Lucas Nonyana surged early
and left his opponents eating dust as he pounded the 42,2 km Two Countries
Marathon route from Zimbabwe to South Africa to win the 10th race last Saturday.

As his namesake - Nonyana is a bird in Sesotho - the Liberty Life Athletics
Club athlete rushed forward to lead the other 45 runners as soon as the Musina
Local Municipality's Mayor Caroline Mahasela pulled the trigger at 7.00am to
start the annual race from Beitbridge to Musina. [Source]

Nonyana belongs to noun class number 9, just like thuhlo (giraffe) and kolobe (pig) and many other animals. The plural of nonyana is linonyana in Lesotho and dinonyana in South Africa. Same pronunciation, though: /dee-noh-nyanah/. Two giraffes are lithuhlo (dithuhlo), and two pigs are likolobe (dikolobe).
Here's a Sesotho proverb with the word "nonyana" in it: sehlaha sa nonyana se okamela boliba (bodiba), a bird's nest overlooks an abyss. Can you guess the meaning? Sesotho Web puts it down as a riddle, though.
Other mentions of "nonyana" are: eslweb.net , websters-online-dictionary.org , nonyanariverestate.co.za.

04 September 2006

Neo, Lineo and telephoning

"Neo in Sotho means a gift and this is a token the whole of South Africa will hope to receive as Neotel, the second fixed-telephone line operator, rolls out its services. [Source]"

The first three letters of the company name, Neo, are pronounced approximately /NAY-oh/ and indeed do mean "gift." The plural is lineo in Lesotho and dineo in South Africa, same pronunciation in both countries: /dee-NAY-oh/.

I guess Telkom now has a real rival. Will it bring prices down? What I hope, is for the people of South Africa to receive a real neo. Neo or Lineo is also a forename. The first one can be for girls or boys, whereas the second is mainly for girls, like my daughter. I don't know a boy named Lineo.