22 July 2006

How to learn Sesotho

You were wondering about what it takes to learn Sesotho, right? Well, using the wiki program through Wikihow ("The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit"), I've managed to put it all down in black and white. So, finally, here's how to learn Sesotho.

The steps are a mixture of my experience as a language learner (especially of French), as a paedagogue and as a native speaker of Sesotho. Good luck.


Kenya Hudson said...

You did a great job of setting up the page! Thanks.

Rethabile said...

Cheers? Hope you're doing great.

Katherine said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this - I'm an Australian who wants to learn Sesotho and there are not many resources available here. I had no idea where to start. Now I have some guidance!