29 June 2006

Learning Sesotho

Quizzes on Lesotho and Sesotho
Quizzes: # Lesotho Geography # Sesotho: House words # Lesotho History # National University of Lesotho # Moshoeshoe I # Sesotho: Clothes # Lesotho Government Structure # Pronouncing Sesotho
Lesotho From K to O
English is the official language, Sesotho (southern Sotho) is the national language. Some Zulu and Xhosa are also spoken. Sesotho is not supposed to be an easy language, due to its tonal features and its uncommon sounds. But I'm sure you'll agree with me
English/Sesotho Glossary
English/Sesotho Glossary
ZA Languages -- Sesotho -- Pronunciation
Sesotho: Pronunciation Guide
ZA Languages -- Sesotho -- Phrases
Sesotho: General Words and Phrases
Books for learners of Sesotho
Sesotho Language: Must have resource references for folks who like to understand different cultures and have to translate or need to learn more languages and get ivolved with foreign travels.
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This page can only give a brief introduction to the language. Please read through some of the contrasts with English, then listen to the samples below
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Sesotho sa moeti (English) Foreign Languages
Sesotho sa moeti -- Sesotho for the traveller
Ethnologue 14 report for language code:SSO
Southern Sotho: a language of Lesotho (Ethnologue)
Sesotho language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sesotho (Southern Sotho) is the one of the eleven official languages of South Africa, and one of the two official languages of Lesotho.
Sesotho Pronunciation Guide
Sesotho Pronunciation Guide
Sesotho Words
Sesotho Words and Phrases
South African Languages Sesotho
Sesotho, or Southern Sotho, is spoken in Lesotho, the Free State and southern Gauteng.
Online Dictionary: Sesotho sa Lebowa (Northern Sotho) - English
An online English-Sesotho dictionary (Sesotho sa Lebowa)
On Sesotho
Learn Sesotho by reading regular posts on this blog. Quizzes, explanations and discussions.
On English: Africans and 2nd Languages
The way Africans learn and use second and even third languages
English-Sesotho Vocabulary Quizzes
English-Sesotho vocabulary quizzes to help you learn and review your Sesotho vocabulary ...

Morena Moshoeshoe Pitsong

Morena Moshoeshoe I

"Moshoeshoe, when hearing of the trekker settlement [...], stated that '... the ground on which they were belonged to me, but I had no objections to their flocks grazing there until such time as they were able to proceed further; on condition, however, that they remained in peace with my people and recognised my authority.' [www.biography.ms]"

They did not.

27 June 2006

Mahe a linotši

I just couldn't help putting this up for those of you who speak or are learning Sesotho. It's a PowerPoint document that you need to download (ho theohelisa) and run through your favourite anti-virus program, just for good measure. Or just open it online. And enjoy. U tla e fumana atereseng e latelang: http://r.masilo.free.fr/tse_ling/mahe.a.linotsi.pps

25 June 2006

Crossword Puzzle: Clothes/Vêtements

Clothes/Vêtements: Sesotho Crossword Puzzle. Enjoy it.

15 June 2006

Crossword Puzzle: The Face/Le Visage

The Face/Le Visage: Sesotho Crossword Puzzle

Enjoy it. I'm hoping to put up a puzzle or a quiz per week. Do come back, and keep trying to learn or teach Sesotho. Don't let it go the way of the dodo.