02 May 2006

Lijo, or Food

Remember that in southern Sotho, "li" is pronounced "di" -- so food in Sesotho becomes /dee-JAW/
  1. Papa is a kind of

  2. soup

  3. The verb "to eat" is

  4. ho ja
    ho nyofa
    ho nyokotla

  5. What's "lipabi"?

  6. ground maize + sugar
    bread + fruit
    ground sorghum + honey

  7. Say, "May I have some food?"

  8. Ke kopa lijo
    Ke batla lijo
    Ke tsoma lijo

  9. Say, "I'm thirsty."

  10. Ke kopa metsi
    Ke nyoruoe
    Ke lapile

  11. In Sesotho, very good food (delicacy?) is called

  12. Delicacy

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Stephen Bess said...

Dumela ntate:
I've taken this test a couple of times. I'm going to have to go home and practice. :)Keep them coming.

Rethabile said...

Another one's on the way. Did you know that you can access my older quizzes from the side links of my other blog? (sotho.blogsome.com)