22 December 2005

Maele (Proverbs)

Know a proverb in Sesotho? Sure you do. Why don't you leave one or two proverbs for the world to see? Other languages have lots of proverbs contributed by various native speakers of those languages. Sesotho needs more representation.

Computer terms in African languages

"Media reports say a team of linguistics experts participated in the creation of a glossary of more than 3 000 Kiswahili words for computer terms. The interface pack, LIP is designed to enhance access to technology by people in a language that is familiar to them and celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity. Already Microsoft has in South Africa entered into partnership with various stakeholders to develop software in isiZulu and Afrikaans. This was achieved last year and plans are afoot to expand this to seSotho, seTswana, isiXhosa and Tshivenda among other languages in that country."