09 February 2005

Marena a Basotho

  1. Moshoeshoe I: Mothei oa sechaba sa Basotho, ntat'a Letsie I

  2. Letsie I: Mora Moshoeshoe I - Ntat'a Lerotholi

  3. Lerotholi: Mora Letsie I - Ntat'a Letsie II

  4. Letsie II: Ha a ka a ba le mora, eaba ho busa moena oa hae, Griffiths

  5. Griffiths: Mora Lerotholi - Moena Letsie II

  6. Seeiso: Mora Griffiths

  7. Bereng Seeiso (Moshoeshoe II) - Mora Seeiso

  8. Mohato Seeiso (Letsie III) - Mora Moshoeshoe II

Translate that into English or French or Kiswahili and you'll get a gmail account on the double. Conditions: the translation has to be understandable, and you mustn't be a Mosotho. Yes, you can cheat.


e.n.sanders said...

Is this language a South African one? In this case I am interested...

rosie said...

I'm not a Mosotho, but I lived with a Basotho family for a few months and picked up some Sesotho. I'm not sure if my translation is correct but here it is -

Kings of the Basotho

Moshoeshoe I: Founder of the land of the Basotho, father of Letsie I

Letsie I: Son of Moshoeshoe I - Father of Lerotholi

Lerotholi: Son of Letsie I - Father of Letsie II

Letsie II: Didn't have any sons, so kingship passed to his younger brother (not sure about this but it's my best guess!)

Griffiths: Son of Lerotholi - Younger brother of Letsie II

Seeiso: Son of Griffiths

Bereng Seeiso (Moshoeshoe II) - Son of Seeiso

Mohato Seeiso (Letsie III) - Son of Moshoeshoe II

Rethabile said...

Rosie, where do I send the gmail account?

Nice translation!

Rosie said...


Can you send it to rosie@nutty.co.uk?
Ke a leboha!