21 January 2005


A popular BBC series, Keeping Up Appearances, is going to get a Sesotho version. It will be broadcast by SABC2 under the name Mponeng, which literally means "See me" but could be the equivalent of "Attention j'arrive" or "Look at me, everybody!"

The verb, to see, is ho bona. A well-know Sesotho proverb proclaims that Ho tsamaea ke ho bona, or To travel is to see.


Anonymous said...

"Mponeng" means "see me". How do I know this? Well , lets just say that my name is Moipone (close ha)

I was very excited to run into a Mosotho's web page.

Khotso, Pula, Nala.

Lebohang said...

it is good to hear nonbasotho interpreting sesotho properly,but it is not good to see that basotho are running away from their language. I just say SEKOELE BANA BA THARI EA T^SEPE!!!

Anonymous said...

Mponeng means "see me" I know this because my sister's name is LIBONOANG