04 November 2004

Blount County, TN

Republican: Bush (Incumbent)

Democratic: Kerry

Independent: Nader

Other: Badnarik & Peroutka
134 & 88
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I wasn't really surprised that Blount County in East Tennessee voted 68% for Bush. I should know... I went to school there. I was rather surprised, however, that the whole country leaned that way. Well, not the whole country, really; more like a little over half. As President Bush said, "America has spoken." What is it saying, though?

Is America saying it wants to hand out its form of moral values to everyone else? And that despite pre-war lies and the very hard, resultant existences led by so many people involved? Is it saying it wants all stem cell research to cease (by the way, I have a sick relative, how about you)? Abortion to be rendered illegal?

Whatever the message behind this 4-year mandate, it is skin off the noses of American voters and less off mine, even though their decision spills out beyond their borders. So four more years it is. I think those Americans who voted for Kerry should continue to stand up and be heard. The opposite is unthinkable.

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