14 November 2004


What and where exactly is Barotseland? And what's its relation to Sesotho and Basotho?

09 November 2004

Book: Sesotho Made Easy

The blurb says: "A manual that bridges the gap between pure grammar and practical speech. A step-by-step guide that provides examples in Sesotho, English and Afrikaans. The book is aimed at both first- and second-language speakers of Sesotho, and covers all aspects of grammer and has a detailed list of vocabulary. Every chapter begins with an orientation to help the learner. The pictorial vocabulary in Chapter 1 enables easy reference and visual associations."
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06 November 2004

New Proverb Book

South African author and play director, Nape 'a Motana, has published a book called Sepedi (Northern Sotho) Proverbs. It is a collection of proverbs in the Northern Sesotho language. I haven't yet seen the book, but many of the proverbs must be the same as our own Southern Sesotho proverbs.
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Chakela Maqephe a Jako

One of the most complete resources out there is Jako Olivier's pages. If you haven't yet gone to see and learn, what are you waiting for? Learn forms of greeting, basic phrases, and a lot more. If you have questions, try to write to him here: jako at cyberserv dot co dot za.

04 November 2004

Absa ATMs in Sesotho

Since 18 April 2004, the nation's isiXhosa, isiZulu and SeSotho speakers, have had the option of transacting on all, except a third, of Absa's ATMs in their home language, therefore addressing and reducing the risk associated with transacting in language not familiar to customers. Absa is the only South African bank to offer this facility.

Blount County, TN

Republican: Bush (Incumbent)

Democratic: Kerry

Independent: Nader

Other: Badnarik & Peroutka
134 & 88
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I wasn't really surprised that Blount County in East Tennessee voted 68% for Bush. I should know... I went to school there. I was rather surprised, however, that the whole country leaned that way. Well, not the whole country, really; more like a little over half. As President Bush said, "America has spoken." What is it saying, though?

Is America saying it wants to hand out its form of moral values to everyone else? And that despite pre-war lies and the very hard, resultant existences led by so many people involved? Is it saying it wants all stem cell research to cease (by the way, I have a sick relative, how about you)? Abortion to be rendered illegal?

Whatever the message behind this 4-year mandate, it is skin off the noses of American voters and less off mine, even though their decision spills out beyond their borders. So four more years it is. I think those Americans who voted for Kerry should continue to stand up and be heard. The opposite is unthinkable.

02 November 2004

Vote, Vote, Vote.

If you are American, and you have registered to vote, please do so. Vote for the issues, not the party. But vote. It's important for America but also, unfortunately, for the world. The past four years have darkened my horizon as well as many other people's. Have they brightened yours? Do you look at the world today and feel... what... hope? Fear? Every voice counts. Your voice counts. I'm asking you to vote on the issues because that's precisely what voting should be about; I also believe that John Kerry has a headstart on George Bush. It is truly unfortunate that folks like myself, foreigners, should feel obliged to gate crash a sovereign vote. But there, you have it. Your vote is sovereign by name only. Whoever rules your country practically rules mine. So I'll say it again: Vote for Kerry or vote against George Bush. Your pick.