30 October 2004

Film called Puleng


Ali's film made under the scheme is called Puleng (which means rain bringer in the African language of Sesotho).

The film has an African storyline which was inspired and informed by her childhood spent in Lesotho, the tiny impoverished country in southern Africa recently visited by Prince Harry.

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rosie said...

The film is showing on Channel 4 (UK) on Wednesday 10th November at 19:55. I'm hoping to be able to watch it. This is the info I got from Channel 4's listings:

"3 MINUTE WONDER: is Channel 4's Animator in Residence Scheme run in conjunction with the National Museum for Photography Film & Television in Bradford . AIR supports the creative development of talented animation graduates with a particular focus on the craft of the discipline. Four animators are chosen to work in an animation booth, situated in the animation gallery at the museum. Here they develop their own original idea for a short animated film into a proposal for Channel 4 for commission. This week 3 Minute Wonder premieres films recently made through the scheme. Tonight's film, Puleng is a poignant tale of hope, survival and reliance between a girl (Puleng) and her father set against a dramatic backdrop of the vast South African landscape. Dir: Ali Taylor; Prod: Charlotte Bavasso; Prod Co: Nexus Productions"