05 September 2004

Hospital Sesotho

This is a nice page about hospital Sesotho, or Seboche Hospital Sesotho, to be exact. Well, it is their page; I happen to think they've done a marvellous, albeit simple job. Are you a doctor going to or already working in Lesotho? A visitor to Lesotho who might need to see a doctor? Are you learning or teaching Sesotho? These are who the page in question is for. Here's an excerpt:

Doctors directions to a patient

Rola katiba. Take your hat off
Hlobola. Undress
Tsola. Strip (From the waist down)
Ema tsoe. Stand up straight
Inama. Bend down
Inamoloha. Stand up again
Mphuralle. Turn your back to me
Hetla. Look over your shoulder
Reteleha. Turn round again
Sheba koano. Look this way
Sheba bocmna. Look the other way
Sika ngoana mangoleng. Hold the child on your lap
Mo hlobolise. Undress him
Mo furalate. Turn his back towards me
Mo reteletse. Turn him round again
Theola kobo. Pull your blanket down
Phetla mose. Lift up your skirt
Konopolla. Unbutton
Konopela. Button up
Lokolla lebanta. Loosen your belt
Theola borikhoe. Pull your trousers down
Bo nyolle. Pull them up
Apara. Dress
Rabalan fatse. Lie down
Kakalla. Lie on your back
Koba mangole. Bend your knees
Inganole. Part your bended legs
Takalatsa. Stretch out both legs
Paqama. Lie on your stomach
Phethoha. Turn over
Robala ka lehlakore. Lie on your side
Haba mpa. Draw your tummy in
Hlephisa 'mele. Relax
Tiisa mesifa. Tighten your muscles
Phahamisa leoto. Lift your foot
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