20 August 2004

Sotho-English Dictionary

This Sotho-English Online Dictionary doesn't have too many words; but it will have the simpler ones that a beginning learner is likely to come across. I tried some of the translations, and all... at least those I looked at... are accurate. I did come across one that was a non-translation ("palesa," which means "flower." It is a common, feminine forename). Other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the dictionary. Nice work, webmaster. Learner, why don't you bookmark the dictionary?

Reminder: In Lesotho, "li" is pronounced /di/, and "lu" is pronounced /du/. Thus, the Sesotho greeting Lumela is pronounced /doomela/. In South-African Sesotho, the same greeting is written with a "d" -- "dumela". Have fun.

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