15 August 2004

Ke khutlile

Hello, Blogosphere... I'm back. Our family spent three sweet weeks on the shores of Spain's Costa Brava. Our resort is located some 90 or so kilometres to the north of Barcelona. The most difficult part of the trip was of course the car trip and its 13, long hours, but we all agree that it was worth it. It's amazing how well paella goes down with cerveza. The resort is also not far from Figueres, Dali's hometown and the location of the Dali museum. There they advise visitors to hire an expert, for Dali was so complex a personality that he remains more than baffling to the uninitiated. Along the shore, north of Torroella de Montgri, is L'Escala, home to both Greek and Roman ruins, and an awesome beach where swimmers actually swim among fish. A stone's throw from L'Escala and L'Estartit are the Medes Isles, famous for the richness of their fauna. We took a glass-bottomed boat-bus out and saw some fish, nothing to write home about. "Some days there are fish, some days there are no fish," our guide said.

At the resort we met some wonderful folks that we hope we'll get a chance to see again. Some of them live in Cologne, Germany, others in Orléans, France, and still others in Holland. They spiced up our holiday and enabled us to discover their universes and their cultures, familial and national.

The trip back was even longer, or so it seemed. But we made it in one piece and will be delving, as early as tomorrow, into what we were doing at the end of July. Eeek! I guess all good things must come to an end. I must say, however, that I missed blogging, writing and reading, and will be doing it as often as possible.

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