28 April 2004

Lesson Plan 28.4.2004

This downloadable lesson plan concerns remembering names. It relies somewhat on Lesotho and Sesotho names for materials, but I'm hoping that it'll be a fresh change for your students. You can download it and modify it to your needs. Once in while I'll post those that I've particularly enjoyed using.

26 April 2004

Article about Dictionary

"A free Northern Sotho-English dictionary is now available on the internet, thanks to four people in Pretoria who are voluntarily giving their time and dipping into their own pockets to make it possible. The group responsible for the website said in a statement that its recent launch made this the first online African-language dictionary. The site includes a feedback form, inviting users to send comments and suggestion to the creators."

Of course we now know about the dictionary, which we've already mentioned several times in these pages. Nevertheless, this article announcing its arrival is still worth a read. We have recently mentioned another dictionary, this time downloadable and in relation with southern Sesotho. You can obtain it from Jako Olivier's rich site.

Sesotho para Viajeros (Sesotho sa Moeti)

Do you speak Spanish? Est-ce que vous parlez espagnol? Na o bua se-spanish? The following Spanish page has a considerable amount of Sesotho. They have

Palabras Básicas -- Mantswe

Números -- Dinomoro

De compras/Comidas -- Ho reka / Ho ja

Viajar -- Leeto

Direcciones -- Nnqa

Lugares -- Ditulo

Fechas y Horas -- Nako le letsatsi.
Each of those is a heading, of course, and precedes the actual data. Give it a whirl and see whether you like it or not, you probably will. My Spanish is non-existant, so I couldn't test the page.
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19 April 2004

Jako's Bukantswe -- Dictionary

Jako's Sesotho Web is offering a downloadable and electronic English/Sesotho dictionary. Great job, Jako! Just what we've needed for a long, long time. Check it out, everyone, and bookmark Jako's site, if you're learning Sesotho or even remotely interested in Sesotho. Who said we weren't moving ahead?

Maele (Proverbs)

Please remember that as a learner you can find a growing list of Sesotho proverbs and dictums at Eslweb. The list is indeed growing nicely thanks in part to Bofelo Kotsane, who posts proverbs regularly. Do not hesitate to post some. Sesotho is among the under-represented languages on the website, and I'm sure you'll agree that we must change that, we must turn the trend around. We're already ahead of Russian and Spanish!

18 April 2004

Language Hat (Katiba ea Puo)

Language Hat, weblog e monate haholo, e buang ka litaba tse amang puo ea senyesemane, e buile ka sebaka sena sa On Sesotho le sa On English. Mantsoe a bona ke a khothatsang. Kea leboha.

08 April 2004

Thapelo ea Morena (The Lord's Prayer)

Different versions of the Lord's Prayer in Sesotho. In Sesotho it is called Thapelo ea Morena, and literally translates into The King's Prayer. I don't think there's a specific word in Sesotho that is equivalent to Lord.

06 April 2004

Lingaka (Witch-Doctors)

Here's an excerpt from SINGING AWAY THE HUNGER by Mpho Matsepo Nthunya. Enjoy it. And get the book.....

.....you'll be getting a very good read but you'll also be helping the fight against HIV/AIDS in Lesotho.

Ngakeng (At the Doctor's): Matching Exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

Ho khohlela
Ho thimola
Ho hlatsa

05 April 2004

Apprenez le Sesotho du Sud

Speak French? Well then, you can also learn Sesotho. The vast majority of the few methods we have (does that make sense?) are in English. But there's a method in French, and its blurb goes

Méthode de langue sotho du sud (ou sesotho)
par ( Livre )
41 €
ISBN : 1860137423
Le sotho méridional (ou sesotho) est parlé au Lesotho et dans la province sud-africaine de l'État libre
Faute d'équivalent en français, nous vous proposons une méthode en anglais basée sur des cassettes audio : Southern Sotho (41 €) - ISBN : 1860137423
En complément
Talk Now ! Sesotho : un cédérom pour débutant (38 euros) -- Configuration minimale : PC : 486 ou plus - Windows 3.1 95 98 NT - Mac : 68030 - Mac OS - 8 Mo de mémoire vive -- ISBN : 1862210764

[ From Bibliomonde ]

UPDATE: Mes excuses aux francophones qui souhaitent apprendre le Sesotho du sud, mais même cette méthode est en anglais!

Go Tang!

Go Tang? Anyway, that's what it sounded like. I was lazily watching a Q&A TV show this morning before going to work when the guy suddenly asked, "What is the capital city of South Africa's Go Tang province?" I speak French, so I immediately caught on (not that it was hard to do so), and realised he was talking about Gauteng, or as we prefer to write it in Lesotho, Khauteng.

That first sound, Gauteng or Khauteng, is the same sound you find in Lochness, or Vereeniging, or Khomeini, or the German Ich--it is aspirated and should be felt on the upper palate when correctly said. But how could the guy know? One of the favourite questions on such shows here in France is: Quelle est la capitale du Lesotho?

Gauta or Khauta is 'gold'; in Sesotho we add the -eng or -ong or -ing suffix, depending on the noun class involved, to indicate 'place of'. Gauteng or Khauteng is thus the place of gold, morohong is where we go to pick greens (eg dandelions), bolong is the stadium, for example, where football is played, sekolong is at school, Mangaung is the Sesotho name for the town of Bloemfontein, and means the place of leopards.

04 April 2004

Required to Learn Sesotho at Wits

Wits University students and staff whose home language is English or a foreign tongue, will in future have to learn at least one African language other than Afrikaans -- preferably Sesotho.

I don't know why Sesotho, but why not? Participate in a forum dedicated to this subject.

Naming Diseases

In South African SeSotho language, HIV is kwatsi ya bosolla tihapi, or the "disease of loose fishes."
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01 April 2004

Recent addition

I've added these pages to the present blog as well as to my other blog, On Lesotho. The aim is to provide you with a richer experience. Ideally, these new pages will grow on a regular basis, depending, among other things, on the kinds of key-words used by visitors to find information about Lesotho. Enjoy.