02 February 2004

Music and Dance (Mmino le Motjeko)

Music and dance have always been an inextricable part of Basotho life. Many of their rituals and social activities were accompanied by song and dance. Three dances; the Mokorotlo, the Mohobelo and the Mokhibo were performed regularly. On special occasions, to honour their chief, the men performed the Mokorotlo. This entailed a rhythmical backward and forward swinging action accompanied by the stamping of feet. The lead singer sang in a high-pitched voice while the others accompanied him in a deep throaty refrain. From time to time, one dancer would break away from the group and dance in front of the chief, miming a battle attack.

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Anonymous said...

Mosotho oa Lesotho and proud to be, I really miss watching and enjoying our Basotho traditions, a lot has changed at home but hopefully our mohobelo and mokhibo will remain.