11 February 2004

Daily African Proverbs

On the week of 29 June 2003, Sesotho proverbs were shown on African Proverbs, Stories and Sayings, Daily African Proverbs:

'Khomo, Molimo o nko e metsi.'
'The cow: God with a wet nose.'
Expl: The importance of a cow to a Mosotho is seen to be like the importance of God to the people, because God gives people life. For their livelihood, the Basotho depend on the many uses of cattle.

'Khotso, pula, nala.'
'Peace, rain, prosperity.'
Expl: When there is peace and rain people live happier because they will not be fighting; they will plough their fields and will have food.

'Ho tsoala ke ho epa thaba.'
'To give birth is to dig a mountain.'
Expl: Children are wealth to a family.
Tlala e lala tlas'a sesiu.'
'Famine sleeps under the grain basket.'
Expl: One never knows what tomorrow will bring.

'Seso se monate ha se ngoauoa ke mong a sona.'
'A sore is soothing when it is the owner who scratches it.'
Expl: Men love in themselves what they hate in others
Khotso, Pula, Nala is the national motto and figures on the Coat of Arms. Without rain in Lesotho we're as good as dead, whereas when there's rain we're all rolling on the floor from overeating all that abundant food, hence there's no fighting.

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