12 January 2004


Morabaraba is a Sesotho boardgame played by shepherds to while away the long hours. They carve it out of flat rock and use coloured pebbles for "cows". I had the priviledge of playing morabaraba extensively at Peka High School, with people who could pick the winner after the first few moves. It is a fun game and I'm happy to see that it isn't dead, like many of our customs. Bravo to those who continue to play it. There's hope.

Download a shareware version of morabaraba. And if you like the game please support the programmer. That's the whole point of the shareware system. I wouldn't wanna have to get my morabaraba from Microsoft for hundreds of Maloti. Bravo to Mpho Mosia for the programming.

Morabaraba has also been compared to the Somali boardgame called Shax, so it'll probably be easier to learn for those who know Shax.

I'd be happy if anybody could tell me about mohobelo and mokhibo (dances), liketo, khati, lesokoana, and other games. Are our children playing them or has Nintendo taken over?


Adam Oellermann said...

I've also written a version of Morabaraba which is available for free from my website http://www.oellermann.com/morabaraba. I have noticed that there are a couple of different boards used to play Morabaraba - the board that my program uses (which is used for international tournaments under what is called the "Generally Accepted Rules") and the board which Mpho's program uses. I would love to hear from anyone familiar with the board Mpho's program uses, and any other boards - one day I hope to expand my program to be able to play all varieties of Morabaraba (including perhaps Shax and Nine Men's Morris).

I should also mention that a Lesotho-based company, CBS, has produced a version of Morabaraba which they sell - I think it costs about M 350.

Matatheni Mosotho said...

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) runs competitions for the game. https://www.facebook.com/mindsportssa