09 January 2004

Makoerekoere (non-southern African Africans)

There you go. Another example of the use of onomatoepia in Sesotho. We usually follow what other southern Africans are saying, but those folks from the East or Center or West are incomprehensible to us. All we ever hear is koere-koere-koere-koere, hence Makoerekoere, to designate people from those areas. The term isn't really derogatory, but isn't equivalent to calling them pal either.

Be careful, because this term applies to Africans only. It is in a way like saying African foreigners. Now, if you are a "Lekoerekoere", and a Mosotho unceremoniously lets you know, you can retaliate by saying "Mojapere". It literally means horse-eater, because, yes, we eat horse-meat in Lesotho. When I was at the National University of Lesotho I had several friends from Zimbabwe. I called them Makoerekoere and they would retort with Mojapere.

We in fact dry horse-meat to make lihoapa, more internationally known as biltong.

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