19 January 2004

Friends of Lesotho (Bakhotsi ba Lesotho)

Friends of Lesotho:

"... is a non-profit organization promoting friendship between the peoples of Lesotho and North America. Friends of Lesotho (FOL) is comprised of former Peace Corps volunteers and others who share this desire. FOL provides scholarships and grants to small development projects in Lesotho, assists in locating old friends from Lesotho, and provides information about current events in Lesotho. FOL is affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association."
That's what the opening page of the Friends of Lesotho website says. What goodies does the website hold? Well, you'll just have to pop over and see, but here's an idea of what you'll find:1/ Basotho music. Yes, you can hear it or buy it! 2/ Useful traveller's phrases. How do we say "Thank you" in Sesotho? 3/ Lesotho and Peace Corps news. How are the elections being prepared for? 4/ Information about how you can become a member of FOL and help, for example, a poor family send a kid to school 5/ Maps and Photos of Lesotho, 6/ and tons of other information. I like the idea of referring to joala, the local beer, as a tongue loosener.

I recommend the FOL site to all learners of Sesotho, and to those who may be interested in Lesotho for other reasons. I've often said that language learning cannot be done properlyif it's not intertwined in one way or another with the culture of the target language. This site helps the language learner in that respect as well.

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