30 December 2003

Tongue Twister

I don't know how we say tongue-twister in Sesotho (It's not in the glossary yet). If you know how to say tongue-twister in Sesotho, I'm all ears.

I know a tongue-twister, though, that we were fond of in high-school. It goes something like:
Paqama ke o qoqele moqoqo o qabolang.
Ke tla o qalla qalong ke o qetelle qetellong.
Ke tla o qalla ka Qabane oa Quthing ke o qetelle ka Nqoko oa Qoqolosing.

Lie back and let me tell you a funny story.
I'll start from the beginning and stop at the end.
I'll start with Qabane of Quthing and finish with Nqoko of Qoqolosing.

Try that for size!

Most non-native speakers that have tried the sound, sometimes called the click sound, find it hard to follow that hard click (Q) with a vowel, and so end up pronouncing the "Q"and "O" in moqoqo, for example, as two syllables, whereas it is one syllable.

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